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Coaching You® mental and intuition training – online diploma course

CY® Mental training and intuition training

Brief Description / Highlights

Take the step and complete the online course that equips you with expert knowledge!

Whether in sports, at work, in the rescue service or in private life: mental stability is the key to success at work and in private life.

For every challenge there is a mental technique that can be used invisibly but is extremely effective.

Neuroscience and cognitive research have proven the effectiveness of these techniques, and mainstream medicine has recognized them. Austrian and international corporations, armies and NGOs, to name just a few, employ mental coaches to keep their teams healthy.

You and those around you will benefit from your know-how, which you can use to regenerate and optimize resources.

Content/subject areas and learning objectives

Introduction to mental and intuition training
Activity Overview
Overview of the methodology
Basics of related fields of knowledge
Differentiation of training occupations, general psychology, communication,
Meditation, trance, imagination, visualization, breathing techniques, stress management, working with the inner child; etc.
Legal questions for mental trainers, drafting of contracts, market presence, business plan

Target group

This training is ideal for you if you want to secure and promote your current job or are looking for a second mainstay with a future and are striving for the best job opportunities in many industries.

Your benefits

Modern profession with a future in all sectors
Mental training is the core competence in life and social counselling
Holistic approach with the latest teaching content and new scientific principles.

Admission Requirements / Preparation

Sharp common sense


Certified Coaching You ® mental trainer
Certified Coaching You ® intuition trainer


Online course, 24/7 availability


€ 999,00 + 20% MwSt